How to RSVP Step-by-step instructions

In order to attend any webinar, you need to RSVP.

After you pay, the most important step is to click RETURN TO MERCHANT and complete registration like this:

After payment click “Return to Merchant”

You’re almost done!
Just click “Complete your registration” to give us
your name and email.


Here is each step broken down to make it simpler:

1. Click here to RSVP

2. “Click here to RSVP”

3. Click “Proceed to Checkout”

4. Have PayPal? Click the yellow button.

Don’t have PayPal? Click “Checkout”

5. After payment click “Return to Merchant”

6. You’re almost done!
Just click “Complete your registration” to give us
your name and email.

7. Enter your name and email
and click “Register Now”

8. That’s it! Check your email inbox.

9. This is sponsored and put on by Breakthrough Photography. If you have questions just email